fence sitting

My sister and I at a country sports carnival. My sis is not generally a fence sitter (metaphorically or literally). Not since she fell off a similar rail at the Hebel Gymkhana and hit her head.  Mum and dad had to drive 70km on gravel roads to the nearest hospital to get her forehead stitched up,

My sister and I at a district sports carnival in Queensland. Sis is not usually a fence sitter (metaphorically or literally), she is very decisive and a “go-getter”. I remember she fell off a similar rail at the Hebel Gymkhana and hit her head when she was about four-years-old. Dad and mum had to drive 70km for two hours on gravel roads to the nearest hospital to get her forehead stitched up. They left me (supervised) at the Gymkhana and I think I won a ribbon for third place in the barrel race.

I know the idiom “sitting on the fence” means not making a decision – not taking a stand one way or the other. What I’m really good at is “phaffing about” or procrastinating – not doing one thing or any of the other things.

I’ve lots to do and the time to do it, I’m just not getting it done. I have “several irons in the fire” so to speak; quite a few projects “on the go”, but they have all “broken down in the back straight”. I feel like I have lost my focus, kind of like all these mixed metaphors.

  1. My last blog post was over three weeks ago. I have four draft articles nearly there, but not quite. Do I really need to rewrite tweak that paragraph again? I guess so.
  2. I’m taking on the Family History Writing Challenge for the month of February. Mercifully it’s the shortest month and I am committing to write at least 250 words a day for 28 days and post at least four articles a week. Ok, I know what you’re going to say: “it’s no longer the 1st of February in Australia.” But I’m sure it’s still the first of the month somewhere in the world.
  3. I should be completing the second draft of the layout and design of a book this weekend. It has a tight production schedule, why am I still “fiddle-farting about”?
  4. My dining room table is piled high with stuff I need to either sort out or throw out, e.g. the Christmas cards I didn’t send. Sorry folks, may I belatedly wish you a happy New Year, a beaut Australia Day, and send you my best wishes and good fortune for the Chinese Year of the Snake?
  5. Then there’s last year’s tax return which is way overdue, not to mention the one for 2007 that the tax department keep sending me gentle reminders about.
  6. I’m seriously turning into a freaky reclusive hermit. I need to answer my correspondence and call my friends while they still consider me a friend.
  7. There are second or third cousins, several times removed, who I connected with a few months ago and who have some really interesting family history to share. I should be updating my research and sending them the information I have.
  8. I have invited the amigos over next week for Mexican & Margaritas so the dining table needs to be cleared. But I can’t just clear all that stuff into a cupboard for the night, my cupboard is jam-packed with last year’s stuff {whimper}.
  9. And, I seriously need to exercise. I know I am always saying it and not doing it, but I have a goal now. I’m travelling to Vancouver, Canada in six months time and I need to be fit enough to keep up with the biking and hiking cousins on our sightseeing trips.
  10. Oh yes, and I’ve put my hand-up and volunteered to be on a committee planning the Wyong Pioneers Association centenary celebrations. I need to write up a marketing plan so I have something useful to contribute at our meeting next month. Thankfully the centenary isn’t until 2015. Plenty of time . . . right?

Ok, I know this post is boring and of no interest to anyone (except for the cute photo of me and my sister). I’m really writing it so I can get “all my ducks in a row” and end up with a solid “to do list”.

I think it’s working, “my arse is in gear”, I’m getting down off my fence and “hitting the ground running”. When I click the publish button I can tick “numero uno” off my list and will have started on “numero dos”.

Here I go, wish me luck with the rest!


3 thoughts on “fence sitting

  1. It looks as if you have started. Good luck the progress. I am starting computer lessons this week, so I hope to become more computer literate.
    I, for one, think you do a marvellous job and look forward to what you put out next.
    Liz Browne

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