hart buck – spirit merchant – 1833

My last post on this blog was 11 months ago!

I am posting this newspaper snippet from 1833 which raises more questions than answers. 

Hart Buck Spirit Merchant advertisement [Stamford Mercury 28 June 1833]

Hart Buck Spirit Merchant advertisement [Stamford Mercury 28 June 1833]

HART BUCK, Spirit Merchant, Grantham, returns thanks to his friends and the public for the very liberal support, he has experienced for many years in the above business, and begs to announce to them that he has removed to a house in the High-street, opposite the Post-office, where he intends carrying on the same, and to serve his friends with an article of the best quality at moderate prices.

This advert, printed in the Stamford Mercury on 28 June 1833, popped up while I was searching The British Newspaper Archive website for great-great-grandfather Hart BUCK who was a draper and cloth merchant in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

It was a surprise to find he was also a spirit merchant. During the 19th century it was common for British wine and spirit merchants to buy their stock by the barrel and bottle it themselves.

Old rum bottles, Stage-coach and Tavern Days, by Alice Morse Earle,1900 [Project Gutenberg]

Old spirit and rum bottles of the nineteenth century came in many shapes and sizes.

Hart BUCK reports he has moved to “a house in the High-street“, not a shop, so I am wondering if his customers came to buy bottles to drink at home or maybe one of the front rooms in the house was set up as a tap room and folks stayed to enjoy a glass or two?

A Hart & Hound Tavern Jug which would not have been out of place in Hart Buck's establishment.

This stag & hound tavern jug would not have looked out-of-place in Hart Buck’s establishment.

This discovery definitely deserves further investigation.

POSTSCRIPT: Find further reading in my follow-up post thomas & hart buck – spirit merchants – 1822

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Sources:The British Newspaper Archive website; images Stage-coach and Tavern Days, by Alice Morse Earle, 1900 [Project Gutenberg Ebook #37272]

6 thoughts on “hart buck – spirit merchant – 1833

  1. Thx Susan, interesting read. Makes me think I should visit some of these places next time I am in the UK, which will be next year. Cant wait.

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice to all go and visit. When I went in 1988 I didn’t know any family history. Oh how I wish I had.

  3. Hi Susan
    I have come across your blog whilst trying to find some research on Buck Hart from Grantham. I am a bottle collector (from Spalding, Lincolnshire) and have found an early/rare Flagon inscribbed ‘T & H. B – G’ which I believe has come from your great grandfather’s wine and spirt merchant in Grantham. I have photos and further research to share with you which I believe will be of interest. My email address is [email removed for privacy] if you wish to get in touch.
    Kind Regards,
    Laura Barton

    • Hi Laura, that is very interesting indeed. I was not sure whether HB’s spirit merchant business was just a side line or a full-time business. I will send you a message via email shortly. Kind regards Susan

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