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This family history blog includes snippets of info from some of the families who emigrated to Australia as well as our early ancestors and their roots. In the future I will include photos in a family album, a family tree, regular family news and an area where family can add notices of new arrivals, marriages and obituaries.
The main surnames covered by this research are: BUCK, GASCOIGNE, MCKAY, PATERSON, SUTTON, TAYLOR, WELLINGTON. I will post a more detailed list of other surnames connected with these pioneering families.
Early in 2000 I decided to undertake a project for the year – researching the BUCK family tree. Although my father Thomas William BUCK is one of nine brothers and sisters, not much was known about who his father’s parents and siblings were other than vague memories of meeting various relatives on social occasions when they were kids.
So TWELVE years on, I have trawled through many a genealogy website and family history library; travelled all over eastern Australia and the counties of England; and picked through the brains and photo albums of every family member who would speak with me. I think I now have a family tree that has born some wonderful fruit from the British Isles, Europe, Canada and Australasia.
The late John EVELYN in his chronicle Wellingtonia: The History of the Wellington Family has provided most of the early WELLINGTON research, and the late Robert Mortimer GASCOIGNE in his chronicle Gascoigne: an English-Australian Family History has provided most of the early GASCOIGNE research. I have collaborated in the past few years with several cousins on the BUCK, SUTTON, ANDERSON, TAYLOR and LEGGE lines. My thanks to all family members for their memories, and many thanks to family historians and researchers who have helped on tricky queries and spent time looking through parish records and census returns for me. If you spot any errors, please let me know.
This blog uses women’s MAIDEN surnames, even after marriage. For example, George WELLINGTON married Elizabeth EDWARDS in 1803 and then Elizabeth SAMPSON in 1817, so as not to confuse the two Mrs Elizabeth WELLINGTONs I will use EDWARDS and SAMPSON, respectively, throughout their lives. This is a genealogy standard, as is the use of CAPITAL LETTERS for surnames.
Family history is a work-in-progress – I can’t believe how naive I was that I thought I would be finished this project within a year.

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  1. Congratulations Susan! I was so excited to read this blog and to see so much about the Wellington family. I have many questions and some very interesting primary material that I’m sure will interest you intensely.

  2. I have so often wondered about Jane Penelope Wellington since starting research into my DI SALVIA family. I always though the name a a lovely “ring” to it and was delighted to see a picture of her here – thank you so much

    • It is a pleasure Julie, there are a couple of larger photos of Jane Penelope on the Wellington photos page. You should be able to click on them to enlarge and download copies. If you are researching DI SALVIA you must know Lynette? which branch are you descended from?

    • Hi Kassie, The photo on my header is of flowers belonging to a Scribbly Gum (Eucalyptus haemastoma). I photographed the branch covered in blossoms at Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney where my earliest Australian ancestors are buried. I thought it tied in nicely with a blog of scribbles about the branches of my family.

      The tree is called a Scribbly Gum because the trunk of the tree is often covered in strange markings caused by the burrowing larvae of a moth. You can see a photo of the bark here. http://wrightlab.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/macquarie-university-open-day/photo_1-5/

      • Hi Susan. I would be very interested to receive any information you may have about George Wellington Sutton 1849-1929.
        He was my grandfather’s father whio died when my granfather was 10, from a second marriage. My granfathers name was George Wellington Sutton II.
        As far as I am aware they lived in Marrickville when he was growing up.
        I’m sure there may be a connection. My granfather grew up alone, and was not to speak about his father, the only picture he had was destroyed by his mother relatives.
        Look forward to hearing from you,
        Natalie Westall

  3. Hello Have the Book The History of the Wellington Family By John Evelyn and would like
    to have any update to it if there is one, just found your site last night and haven’t studied
    Ediwn Wellington

    • Hi Edwin, Thanks for your post. I only have a copied section of Wellingtonia by John Evelyn (the Stockleigh English branch) and I do not think there is an updated edition out there. John Evelyn has passed away and I have tried to contact his family without success. I would be interested to know which branch you hail from.

  4. Hi Susan, my name is Karl Ketley. I am the web manager for Milestone-Belanova in East Gosford. We have been commissioned by the Royal Hotel in Wyong to develop a website for them. The site is nearing completion and I would like to seek your permission to use some of the informative information and photos from your blog concerning the Royal Hotel on the new website. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to your reply.

  5. Hi! My name is Monique de Bruijn and my husband is Robert Rosman, Simon Rosman’s grandson. We are trying to gather informations (foto’s but hopefully also live footige) about Simon so I was surfing the web and stumbled upon this website.
    We have some (very) old and scruffy looking foto albums put together by Simon with all kinds of foto’s and newspaper clippings.
    I will send you a clipping where Simon is clearly looking for your great-uncle Billy and a foto of the cartoon you show on your site. Is there a mailing adress I can send this to?
    What a funny idea to think that my husband’s grandfather and your great-uncle were friends.

    With kind regards,
    Monique de Bruijn.
    the Netherlands.

    • Hi Monique and Robert, how wonderful to make a connection with descendants of Simon Rosman. I will send you my address by private email. I am also in contact with Billy’s grandson Jon Harris, who may have more information on Simon. Alex Daley of http://www.boxinghistory.org.uk/contact.html may have some info on Simon’s fights in England. Boxrec.com has Simon’s fight record and shows he met Joe Rolfe at Premierland in 1925. I am in touch with Joe’s grandson Chris Hodges and will pass on your details – he may have some more information for you.

      Kind regards

  6. Hi Susan, I have stumbled onto your wonderful site whilst researching ANZAC WWI photos for our Wyndham city commemoration celebrations 2015. I am in need of a photo to use of a young WWI soldier in full uniform. The photo of your relative —Private Roy Everett GASCOIGNE (AIF Service No. 7731A) is an amazing photo which shows the young, naïve enlisted young man ready and eager to serve his country.
    Is it possible that we could use this photo in our commemoration project?
    I look forward to hearing from you and can send you further details if you are interested. Congrats on all your hours of work and dedication to your family history.
    Kind regards
    Margaret Markovic
    [email removed for privacy reasons]

    • Thank you for your positive feedback Margaret, yes the photo of Roy Gascoigne certaintly sums up the fresh-faced eagerness of the young men who enlisted at the beginning of the war. I am happy for you to use the image as long as you identify and caption the image where ever you use it.

      As a contrast I recently visited the State Library of NSW exhibition of the Crown Studios photos of servicemen taken in 1918-19. These images are not the naive men of 1914-15, you can certainly see the hell they have experienced written on their faces and in their eyes.

      Kind regards

      • Hi Susan,
        I am so very excited and thankyou so very much. The image of Roy will be identified and credited without any doubt. Roy will be held in such high esteem and will be in RSL Werribee’s care. Is there a preferred sentence you would like used for the credit? I am meeting with RSL Werribee’s Manager and President in the morning (monday) to clarify just where things are at and I am absolutely certain that they will also be so grateful for your kind support in our efforts to commemorate our WWI diggers. I think that the printing firm will ask for a better quality photo and wonder if it’s possible to get a direct scanned copy of Roy? Sorry to ask again for further help Susan. my email: margmarkovic@gmail.com . Once again, my absolute thanks.

  7. Hi Susan- I hoping that you received my reply in relation to using Roy’s photograph for our ANZAC 2015 commemorative activities? We are so thrilled and so very thankful to honour Roy. Please let me know if my reply didn’t make it through to you.
    Kind regards

  8. Hi Susan,

    I have just gone through your blog regarding the Samson family. They are my direct relatives and I can trace them through John Samson, the brother of Elizabeth Wellington (nee Samson). I have managed to get back to 1493 when Henry Samson was born in Sherborne, Dorset, England. Many of the early Samson relatives were born and lived in Sherborne before going to Wayford. I went to Wayward a couple of years ago and took some photographs of how it looks today. Thanks very much for sharing the parts of Susanah’s journal.

  9. Hi Susan … it’s been quite a while since I looked at this website so I was overwhelmed by your excellent research and the use you have made of Susanah Wellington’s little diary. I’m so glad you expanded the entries into fuller explanations of various events -exactly what I’d hoped to do myself when the diary was in my possession but never got around to.
    I’m writing to you to let you know a few more details for your comprehensive family history. Both my father (Eric Russell James Hastings) and mother (Bessie Edith Hastings), whom you met when you drove up to Forster some time ago, died last year (2016). Dad was 97 and mum 95 so they both had long lives. My cousin Valmai Hastings (daughter of Jack Hamilton Hastings) died a few weeks ago aged 84.
    It’s sad to lose family members of course but life goes on. Wishing you all the best for Christmas and a healthy 2018.

  10. Hi Susan, I sent some photos to your dodo email address of the Anzac Service in West Ryde today, at which the plaques honouring Tom Gascoigne and others were unveiled in their final location in Anzac Park. The email bounced. If you could give me your current email I will resend them. Regards, Helen

  11. HI Susan, I have just been browsing through your site and I find that my family members are named i.e., Lackey and Zurbano. Where do they fit in with your family?
    Alexandra Wormleaton

    • Hi Alexandra,

      The names Lackey and Zurbano are distantly related to my family through the LUCCA family of Hawkesbury River. Names I have are Bonifacio ZURBANO and Maud CALCOT and their descendants – Maria Antonia Maude ZURBANO who married Vincenzo Salvatore LUCCA; Concission ZURBANO; Leanora ZURBANO who married Francis M LACKEY; and Bonifacio ZURBANO. I have some photos if you are interested.


  12. HI!

    My name is Ipshita and I am working on a documentary for a prominent channel in India. I found some really interesting pictures on your blog from the time of WWI, and would like to use them for the same. Please let me know what will be the copyright procedure if we want to use this. Ofcourse due credit will be given, and anything else you require.

    Thanks, and I look forward to your response

    • Hi Ipshita,

      I have listed all the sources of photos in the photo captions. Otherwise you can list my blog name as the source for your documentary. Regards

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