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2 thoughts on “WELLINGTON branch

  1. Hi. Found this via a google search. I’ve been trying to track down a copy of WELLINGTONIA – THE HISTORY OF THE WELLINGTON FAMILY – I need to get a copy of Page 167 and the connections of the people on that page. I have the following from my auntie; ‘On page 167 you will find Sarah and James Watson
    then down to Joseph m Ettie Smith. Ettie Smith and Joseph Watson are your great- grandparents’. I’m trying to establish my connection to the 1st Duke of Wellington. Do you know how I can get a copy of the book or the specific pages I need? Any guidance on this would be appreciated.

    Many thanks
    Kathy DeFabrizio
    Aylesbury, UK

    • Hi Kathy, I do not have the complete copy of WELLINGTONIA and not the family tree on page 167. I may have an email address of someone who does have the complete book, I will see what I can find. Wellingtonis deals with the origins of the WELLINGTON – WILLINGTON – DE WILINGTON family name, believed to have originated from someone who came to England with William the Conquerer.

      I don’t believe anyone with the surname of Wellington would have a direct connection to the 1st Duke of Wellington because “Duke of Wellington” is a title not a surname. The first Duke of Wellington’s name was Arthur Wellesley.

      regards Susan

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