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6 thoughts on “WELLINGTON branch

  1. Hi. Found this via a google search. I’ve been trying to track down a copy of WELLINGTONIA – THE HISTORY OF THE WELLINGTON FAMILY – I need to get a copy of Page 167 and the connections of the people on that page. I have the following from my auntie; ‘On page 167 you will find Sarah and James Watson
    then down to Joseph m Ettie Smith. Ettie Smith and Joseph Watson are your great- grandparents’. I’m trying to establish my connection to the 1st Duke of Wellington. Do you know how I can get a copy of the book or the specific pages I need? Any guidance on this would be appreciated.

    Many thanks
    Kathy DeFabrizio
    Aylesbury, UK

    • Hi Kathy, I do not have the complete copy of WELLINGTONIA and not the family tree on page 167. I may have an email address of someone who does have the complete book, I will see what I can find. Wellingtonia deals with the origins of the WELLINGTON – WILLINGTON – DE WILINGTON family name, believed to have originated from someone who came to England with William the Conquerer.

      I don’t believe anyone with the surname of Wellington would have a direct connection to the 1st Duke of Wellington because “Duke of Wellington” is a title not a surname. The first Duke of Wellington’s name was Arthur Wellesley.

      regards Susan

  2. Hi Susan,
    Your Wellington blog is fascinating to me – I descend from John Wellington, George’s brother and all the stuff about the chemist’s shops are of great interest. Do you know anything about their father, John who was apparently the first person in England to grow poppies for opium?
    Incidentally I have an original copy of Wellingtonia and would be happy to fax or mail copies of any pages you or anyone else might need.

    Peter Wellington, Marlow, England.

    • Hi Peter, thanks for your comment. I do have some info on John WELLINGTON but have found no further evidence of him growing poppies (only reference I have is from pages in Wellingtonia).

      Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury 1773 – 10 May Wellington John – Chard druggist bankrupt
      Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury 1774 – 26 Sep Wellington John – Chard druggist bankrupt dividend
      Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury 1777 – 27 Jan Wellington Mr – Chard journeyman coopers wanted
      Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury 1778 – 09 Mar Wellington Mr – druggist Chard cabinet maker wanted
      Somerset Archive & Record Service – Estate Duty Will for WELLINGTON John 1827 Chard

      14 Jun Wellington Richard – Talaton 19 apprentice ran away F Pyle

      Kind regards

    • Peter
      I’ve read that you have a copy of Wellingtonia The History of The Wellington Family. I descend from The Charlton, Devon branch of the family and have been trying to gather family history for some time. I acquired some copies of pages from this book from The Cornish Studies Library some years back but would be very interested to gain copies of the rest if you would be so kind. Please let me know how to reimburse you. Patricia

      • HI Patricia,

        I only have sections of Wellingtonia The History of The Wellington Family that relate to the Stockleigh English and descendants. I am happy to send you a copy of what I have. I may be able to put you in touch with a connection who has a complete history in Queensland Australia. regards Susan.

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